26 Jun
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2300 team members worldwide

Our global team has now grown to 2300 members worldwide! This expansion reflects our steady growth across regions and companies.
28 Jun
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Phishing examples sent to Omega 365

Phishing attacks are becoming more advanced, often utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to trick individuals into disclosing sensitive information. At Omega 365, it's important to be aware of these AI-enhanced tactics to protect our data and ensure our security remains strong.
25 Jun
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Prioritizing mental health at work

At Omega 365, mental health is as important as physical safety, and we strive to ensure everyone feels appreciated by their peers and management.
21 Jun
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Summer party in Stjørdal

On Friday, 14 June, Omega 365 in Stjørdal hosted a summer party for team members and their families. The event included a barbecue, a variety of games, and plenty of socializing, providing a great opportunity for everyone to relax and enjoy each other's company.
24 Jun
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From coding club to Omega 365

Lars Aas Kjebekk, Department Manager at Omega 365 Solutions in Stjørdal, was featured on the Lær Kidsa Koding website. This movement helps children master digital skills. Sigve Rotabakk, a 14-year-old member of Kodeklubben Stjørdal, secured a summer job at Omega 365 Solutions through a school program. Read their article here, and learn about Kodeklubben Stjørdal, which was named Coding Club of the Month in May.
20 Jun
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Omega 365 Solutions' management meeting at Sola

On June 12-13, department managers from Omega 365 Solutions gathered for a two-day leadership meeting at the Clarion Hotel Air in Sola, Stavanger.
20 Jun
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TV Haugaland visits Norevegen 7

The Norwegian news channel TV Haugaland, local to the Haugaland region, recently visited our new office at Norevegen 7 in Haugesund, Norway.

Documents: Improving support for customer defined fields

Tailoring data fields to meeting the unique requirements of clients is essential when delivering our document management solution to wide variety of industries. "Properties" was introduced in Omega 365 late last year in some of our key registers. Now it is also available in the Document register.

Switching responsibility for Scope Items by using Action By

A scope item may go through a multi-step process, with different org units responsible for each step. Using the Action By property ensures that you always know which organizational unit currently holds responsibility for the next action.

Converting to Omega 365 Core Technology Platform ("NT")

During June - August most Omega 365 solutions will be upgraded to the Omega 365 Core Technology Platform (previously known as "NT")
Johnny Vik
Johnny Vik

Schedule Scope Items and manage schedule versions

The scheduling functionality is undergoing significant enhancements, providing the users powerful scheduling functionality.
Johnny Vik
Johnny Vik
13 Jun
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Summer party in Ølensvåg

On 7 June, Omega 365 in Ølensvåg hosted a lively summer party.

Omega 365's illustration album

To streamline access to our visual resources, Omega 365's existing brand illustrations are now collected in one album within Omega 365’s Image Archive. This allows all team members to easily find, utilize, and be inspired to use our illustrations, ensuring consistency across many of our communication materials.
04 Jun
What's up

Omega 365 Consulting features in local podcast

Leon Dyngeland, General Manager of Omega 365 Consulting, appeared as a guest on the podcast Næringspodden Haugalandet on 29 May. During the episode, he discussed the history of Omega 365, shared his personal journey with the company, and provided additional insights into Omega 365’s operations and mission.

Support for re-using existing DFO requirements

Defining which documentation is required for operations based on the object types is great way of ensuring a smooth and controlled hand-over to Operations. Now it is easier to re-use the same requirements for multiple projects.

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